Mover's Appliance Strap


Heavy duty appliance straps have a slide bar roller buckle on one end and metal tip on the other.  These cotton webbing straps are gentle on delicate surfaces of pianos and other furniture and appliances.

Straps are 2 inches wide by 20 feet long giving you plenty of length to move any large piece. 

Two straps secured verticlly around a refrigerator will allow two strong people to move it up or down flights of stairs.  The straps give two movers multiple grab locations on bulky, awkward appliances like washers, dryers, dishwashers, etc.

When moving a Piano, straps secure through the open slots in a piano board and lock together.

Anything that needs to be moved can be strapped to a dolly to keep it stable while rolling over uneven surfaces.  A curb can even be hopped because the dolly becomes one with the load when strapped tightly.

Party Rental Companies use 4-wheel furniture dollies to move large quantities of chairs around.  As many as 60 standard "Samsonite" style folding chairs can be secured to a dolly.  Many of these stacks of chairs are stored in their warehouse (ready for delivery) and then rolled into a truck and secured with cargo straps.

Wrap appliance straps around rolling hampers to secure over-size loads in transit.

These straps also work well to bundle loose pipe or lumber.  

Keep 2 on hand ready for any size appliance move.

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