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Plastic Elastic Barrel Covers

Plastic Elastic Barrel Covers will dress up your Event

Vinyl plastic elastic barrel covers are available (in large or small quantities) in colors to help coordinate with your corporate event theme or festival. 

Order plastic elastic barrel covers for your event - they will dress up and unify your barrels. Order as many plastic elastic barrel covers as you minimum order...We can ship them throughout the United States. 

Plastic Elastic Barrel Covers- Your NO FUSS Solution

Stretch the Plastic Elastic Barrel Cover over your barrel ONCE and it will stay on until you take it off. The elastic border grabs the barrel's edge so that it fits snugly and won't blow in the wind! No hassles with plastic sheets and tape, or clothespins.

Cover all your metal or plastic drum barrels with plastic elastic barrel covers instead constantly painting them.

Change the color for different events.

Designate recycle barrels by using different color plastic elastic barrel covers for paper, plastic and glass.

Plus, They Look Great!

Plastic Elastic Barrel covers are available in various sizes and colors- even patterns! You are sure to find the perfect fit for your event, small or large. Mix and match, or choose just one color- Plastic Elastic Table Covers will dress up your event inside and out!

To Learn More About Plastic Elastic Barrel Covers, Visit Our Uses & Ideas Page.

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