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Plastic Elastic Table Cover Pricing

Why Buy Plastic Elastic Table Covers?

Plastic Elastic Table Covers fit your table and your budget

Plastic elastic table covers are available (in large or small quantities) in many colors to coordinate with your event or company event theme.  Click here to "Shop Now" or to see pricing.

Order as many plastic elastic table covers as you minimum...We ship them throughout the United States. They save you time and money!

Purchase plastic table covers for your Holiday Party - they will dress up and protect your tables while making clean-up easy. 

Clean Up is a Breeze!

Spills are never a problem- they wipe right off of the vinyl fabric! 

Better yet, Plastic Elastic Table Covers are disposable. When the party's over, simply leave all the refuse on the plastic table cover, gather it up like a trash bag and throw it all away!  Cleanup was never so easy. 

Plus, there is no more need to worry about damaging, ripping, or tearing expensive linen table cloths. Plastic Elastic Table Covers are the answer!

Plastic Elastic Table Covers- Your NO FUSS Solution

Stretch the Plastic Elastic Table Cover over your table ONCE and it will stay on all day and night. The elastic border grabs the table's edge so it fits snugly and won't blow in the wind! No more hassles with tape, thumb tacks, or clothes pins.

Plus, They Look Great!

Plastic Elastic Table covers are available in many sizes and colors- even patterns! You are sure to find the perfect fit for your event, small or large. Mix and match, or choose just one color- Plastic Elastic Table Covers will dress up your event inside and out!